sunnuntai 15. marraskuuta 2009

Welcome to Tuokko, a new transport method project !


You're in the right place, if you like new ventures, and especially the ones
in modern logistics. Tuokko is a project started in 2008, now going four
people strong. We aim to deliver a high-tech, low cost method of transportation,
which is very effective due to the use of new algorithms in congestion
estimation / computation.

Our staff consists of user interface designer, two programmers, and a PR
promoter. The average age of team members is 32 years. We have an accumulated
experience of 35 years in computer science and related fields.

Our current status is development of the web framework, databases, data mining
methods and seeking venture.

We aim to:

  • make the best transportation service for private consumers and companies

  • grow aggressively

  • grow both organically and also via acquisitions

  • train the drivers ourselves; I have been driving taxi, and seen some
    of the impact that good training makes

  • use modern algorithms in computers to improve delivery speed

  • gather data continually from the field vehicles and from drops

  • improve national infrastructure as by-product of our needs; like new kinds
    of gas stations - this is a long-range aim in the project

  • create good practises for logistics - ie. make it in the text books some day, as an example case! ;)

  • have a lot of fun while doing all this

If you have knowledge, interest, funds, and risk-taking capability, please contact
us at jukka.paulin(/at/) with the subject line: "Tuokko"

More coming up soon.. Stay tuned!

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