maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2009

A Design Moment of Tuokko

A session at Maarintalo / Helsinki University of Technology. Most of
the design took place this time in Maarintalo premises, a place at
HUT where you can sip some coffee, make a pizza in the microwave, and
enjoy a beautiful view over to the bay. It's one of my favorite places
to be at, since people going there and doing their stuff inspires me.
I did evaluation of what kinds of fleet possibilities exist; ie. how
can we maintain a lease plan, or what kind of costs and benefits exist
in buying the fleet wholly or partially. The going price for complete
turnkey solutions is around 100 euros / month / vehicle. This would
include repairs caused by ordinary wear, seasonal change of tires,
and in case of emergency we'd get backup vehicle to ensure continual
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