keskiviikko 18. marraskuuta 2009

Test Driving for fleet vehicle selection has started. Audi is first try.

The first test-driving for Tuokko fleet is now the Sportsback model of Audi A5 automatic, 2.0 liter diesel engine, and the ESP system. I think it does not have DRP, or then I just missed the feature during discussions with car dealer. DRP is a normal ESP -- stability control subsystem, but will specifically make a difference between the other stability control systems, and the Audi one). More about
the technology can be read from this link: DRP / multitronic.

Another case, the Audi TT model can be tested later in the beginning of
2010, maybe more suitable for summer roads. Quantity available for test
driving is currently limited, though I called only one shop so far. Finland
has at least 50 Audi sales and maintenance shops just in Southern region.

I'm forking out economics and the equation for estimating total costs per kilometer
travelled; the durability of these cars, maintenance network coverage, and costs
of maintenance. Also calculating how much it costs to transport an item
that has a known volume and weight. The weight factor is probably quite
negligible, except it has an impact on the physical stress of the job. We can't
assume everyone can lift 40kg just like that. There's different driver physiques.

It's always a good idea to book beforehand the test drives, so
you don't have to drive between different shops and get disappointed
if there's no cars available. And you save time & gasoline.

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