tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2009

LiL - life is logistics!

What has happened when you get your meal in front of you?

A factory has produced the food ingredients. These are then transported within the country, and distributed to local depots, and from there the foodstuff is distributed to local supermarkets or hypermarkets. These stores gather basically all of us, driving back and forth between home and the store, almost daily (54 minutes on average per citizen, each day, in Finland). So we're spending 1/16th of our daily waking life in going to the supermarket and looking for stuff there. It's a lot. In addition, we spend a lot of fuel, nerves, and feel sometimes frustrated for doing it. Yet, year after year, we put up with this routine, because... Well, because that's the way things are done. It's the hunter-gatherer tribe history in our anthropologic memory; Man has to fetch food, hunt. It's a condition for living.

We've decreased this proportion significantly in Western countries. From the almost 10h shifts we did back in 5000 B.C., now we're only doing that 54 minutes per day. But could we optimize? Could it be done in a more efficient and pleasant way? Yes.

Enter Tuokko. We're here to create a service that really makes a difference. Stay tuned to find out more.

tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2009

Tuokko has grown with 2 people - now seven strong

We are now seven people strong. The changes are that we got a software architect, and a consultant interested in the project. It's really great to see that there's a strong, versatile team with complementary skills. There's a general plan regarding what we're doing. Next milestones will be a prototype of the user interface (for ordering the stuff to homes and workplaces), and building the database and algorithmic engine behind the scenes. We're planning to do beta testing at some point in mid spring 2010. Some days have been quite hectic with communication, planning, stemming the features, getting rid of some extra functionality at this point; seeking venture, writing this blog, and discussing all of the above. In a word: lot of work, but also very rewarding.